Three Blender (Powder Mixer)

Three Blender (Powder Mixer)

Some powdered or granular materials need to be combined to achieve the desired properties. The type of composition of some powders must be done carefully so that the components of the composition are impregnated with an acceptable percentage. Powder mixer is one of the effective machines in this field. The ribbon blender is the brand of this machine.
The powder mixer is equipped with a special mixing blade called Ribbon Blade. The size of this blade is calculated in such a way that it covers almost all the tank areas of the device and ensures the best composition with linear and radial movements. By simpler definition, the blades inside the tank have opposite rotations, that is, some materials are pulled in and some are pulled out, which results in a better and more accurate composition of the materials. The blades and the material of the blender tank are considered in such a way that they can be washed with water.

Advantages: Easy to service and maintain, floods are easily replaced Design to fit the design capacity – Washable with central CIP – Economic justification compared to other mixers in the process of liquids, mixing and blending products from basic food production processes, It is chemical and medicinal.
Properties of the solutions that are prepared contain particles that have special properties in dissolution.
A clear example of these solutions is milk, which is composed of significant amounts of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and water, and each has special properties in mixing.

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