French Fries Machine

French Fries Machine

The minimum production capacity of this device is 1000 kg per hour and the maximum production capacity is 6000 kg per hour.
These materials and products and the production of French Fries – frozen half-cooked potatoes, are ready to be consumed and presented in the market in packaged form.
Potato slices in the size of 8×8 – 10×10 – 12×12 mm according to the customer’s order.

Machines for semi-finished products

Hopper: For initial storage and depot
Inspection table: Inspection of raw materials by the operator after peeling
Washing lift bar: to transfer raw materials to the wash
Washing machine: for washing raw materials
Peeling lifting bar: transfer of materials to the peeling system
Peeling machine: for peeling
Cutting lift: to transfer materials to the cutting machine

Slicing: For slicing potatoes

Tape below the cut: to collect waste

Screening: Separation of waste material from the slice before entering the blancher

Primary blanket conveyor belt: for transfer to the blancher system

Primary Blancher: For Enzyme Stabilization – Step One

Secondary Blancher: For Enzyme Stabilization – Second Stage

Vibrator: For initial dewatering

Dryer: For final dehydration of fryer with filtration

Fittings and valve control: for the process of immersion in oil

Heat exchanger with filtration: connections and valve control

Vibrator: For lubrication
Precooler: Preparer to enter the freezing tunnel

IQF freezing tunnel: for freezing process with all facilities

Conveyor belt to pack (one) Multi-head ten-weight packaging

Production line operator panel: Two million kcal hot oil boiler with all accessories

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